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Vlad Bacauanu

M. Sc., Yale, 2016

Vlad was born far away, in a modest town in the northeast of Romania, where he spent most of his childhood. After experiencing the big city life by attending high school in Bucharest, Romania’s capital, Vlad set sail to the US to pursue his undergraduate studies at Yale University. Here, he developed methods for the asymmetric synthesis of amines in the lab of Prof. Jonathan Ellman. Upon graduating in 2016, Vlad moved to New Jersey and bolstered the numbers of the MacMillan group, where he is now working on metallaphotoredox catalysis. In his free time, Vlad enjoys savoring tea, getting stuffed with Korean BBQ and sushi, praising Northern California, aimlessly strumming his guitar, going to select music concerts, and expanding his consciousness by listening to anything that sounds remotely like Pink Floyd or Massive Attack.


Fun Facts
  • Vlad used to ride a bike when he was a kid, but after arriving at Princeton he discovered that he was unable to do so anymore. He had to spend a week to relearn, thus disproving the validity of the phrase “like riding a bike”.
  • Vlad used to have long(-ish) hair. He misses it.
  • Vlad can solve Rubik’s cubes of sizes up to 5x5x5, including the notorious 1x1x1.