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Tomer Faraggi

MChem, University of Oxford, 2013

Tomer was born in the US but moved to his family’s homeland of Israel after a few months. After two years of enjoying the heat and sun, Tomer moved back to the US. After moving between several states, he finally settled in the UK, in the obscure town of Abingdon, which would be his home for the next fourteen years. In 2009 Tomer travelled six miles down the river to start his undergraduate degree at the University of Oxford, where he reportedly spent most of his time in the pub. After completing his undergraduate studies in the lab of Prof. Darren Dixon, he then spent some time working in industry before starting grad school. Tomer joined the MacMillan lab in the summer of 2014 where his work has focused on the development of decarboxylation methodologies. In his spare time, Tomer enjoys fencing, watching tennis, and frequent trips to the pub.

Fun Facts
  • Tomer is a desert person.
  • Tomer has so many nicknames, he occasionally forgets his real name.
  • Tomer once bleached his hair blonde, much to everyone else’s amusement.