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Peter Viereck

B.Sc., McGill University, 2017

Peter Viereck was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, but at a young age moved to Basking Ridge, New Jersey. He returned to Montreal to attend McGill University, where he received his B.Sc. in Honours Chemistry in 2017, and was awarded the inaugural Professor Denis F.R. Gilson Prize in Chemistry. During his undergraduate studies he researched the synthesis of P-Chiral Dihydrobenzooxapholes, and enantioenriched α-amino phosphonic acids under the supervision of Prof. Youla Tsantrizos, and in collaboration with the Chemical Development team at Boehringer-Ingelheim. Peter’s hobbies include playing music and rotovaping water.

Fun Facts
  • Peter is 6'7".
  • No, Peter does not play basketball.
  • Peter was a founding member of a mediocre rock band The Sad Birthdays.