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Nick Till

B. A., Reed College, 2016

Nick went to high school on Bainbridge Island, Washington, before heading down to Portland, Oregon, to attend Reed College. He worked on bismuth catalysis in the lab of Prof. Rebecca LaLonde at Reed and spent his summers working in the medicinal chemistry departments at Gilead Sciences and Genentech. After graduating, Nick made the trek out east to join the MacMillan lab, where he’s currently working on a metallaphotoredox catalyzed C-C bond formation method he hopes to apply to natural product total synthesis. In his spare time, Nick tries to stay outside climbing, hiking, or running.

Fun Facts
  • When Nick was twelve, he started working on a fishing boat – where he found that fishermen have some peculiar traditions.
  • In keeping with one such tradition, Nick ate the heart of the first tuna he caught.
  • Nick spent a summer living in a tent.