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Jeff Lipshultz

A.B., Harvard University, 2013

Jeff was born in New York City and grew up in Bergen County, New Jersey. After graduating from the Bergen County Academies in 2009, he traveled to the land of the hated Red Sox to attend Harvard, where he completed his undergraduate research in the lab of Prof. Andrew Myers. After graduating in 2013, he returned to the great state of New Jersey and joined the MacMillan group, where his work has focused on the total synthesis of complex natural products, with a brief foray into the field of metallaphotoredox catalysis. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys rooting for his hometown teams, the Giants, Devils, and Yankees, and playing softball with the Chemistry Department’s summer softball team, the Backside Attackers (3x defending league regular season champions, 2015 playoff champions).

Fun Facts
  • Jeff is the twitter guru for the MacMillan lab, which is ironic.
  • Jeff applied to be on the Amazing Race with his college roommate. They didn't hear back.
  • Jeff used to be able to smile for photos, he swears.