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Jack Twilton

M.Chem., University of Oxford, 2014

Jack Twilton hails from the UK, and received his MChem degree from the University of Oxford in 2014.  During his final year masters project, he worked in the laboratory of Professor Veronique Gouverneur on the synthesis and radiolabeling of fluorinated pharmacophores. He subsequently joined MacMillan group for his doctoral studies where he is currently working on the development of dual photoredox transition metal catalyzed processes.

Fun Facts
  • Jack isn’t the biggest fan of heights, the walkways across the atrium in the lab make him slightly nauseous.
  • Jack has two dogs back in the UK and would really like one to help him get through grad school but spends too much time in the lab.
  • Jack misses the perpetual rain and overcast weather native to England, the New Jersey weather is undoubtedly the worst thing about Princeton.