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Ian Perry

B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017

Ian was born in Plymouth, MA. His family relocated to central Maine when he was 10, but as soon as Ian graduated high school, he returned to Massachusetts to start his B.S. in chemistry at MIT. During his time at MIT, Ian had the privilege of conducting research in the Buchwald group, where he worked on copper hydride catalysis and later on palladium-facilitated fluorination. Ian graduated from MIT in June of 2017, and after a few weeks enjoying the weather at home in Maine, he embarked upon his graduate studies in the MacMillan group at Princeton University.

Fun Facts
  • Ian once placed 5th in the world at an international paper-airplane throwing competition in Austria.
  • Ian lived in Wayne, Maine, which is the only town that rhymes with the state that it’s in.
  • Being from Maine, Ian can’t handle temperatures above 80° F, and New Jersey’s climate is proving difficult to adapt to.