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Holt Sakai

Holt Sakai

M.Sc., Yale, 2018

Holt (noun) hōlt
1. the den of an animal, especially that of an otter.
2. dialect, chiefly North American a grip or hold.
3. After spending the first 18 years of his life growing up in Honolulu, Hawaii, he wanted to experience life beyond paradise and moved to a faraway land called Connecticut. He completed his undergraduate studies in chemistry under the direction of Prof. Timothy Newhouse at Yale working on palladium-catalyzed dehydrogenation. During the summers, he spent time researching Cu-catalyzed amination in lab of Prof. Greg Fu, and later as a discovery chemistry intern at Genentech. Outside of the lab, he enjoys trying new foods, listening to podcasts, and taking long walks.

Fun Facts
  • Holt enjoys consuming digital media (e.g. Netflix, podcasts) at increased playback speeds, ranging from 1.5-3X.
  • When eating steamed broccoli, Holt prefers the stems to the florets.
  • Holt went to the same high school as President Barack Obama.