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Dr. Xiangbo Zhao

Dr. Xiangbo Zhao

B. Sc., Northwest University, 2012

Ph.D., Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, 2017

Xiangbo was born and raised in Xuzhou, a very old city on the north of Jiangsu Province, China. After obtaining his B.Sc. at Northwest University in 2012, He went to Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry to pursue his in Professor Dawei Ma’s group. His doctoral work was focused on the total synthesis of ent-Kaurane diterpenoids and Napelline Alkaloids. After graduation, Xiangbo continued his work as a research assistant in the same group for one year and then he joined the Macmillan group in January 2019 as a post-doc. His current work focused on the development of new cross-coupling methods using metallaphotoredox catalysis. In his spare time, Xiangbo likes playing football and basketball, travelling and watching sports games.

Fun Facts
  • After he came to Princeton, Xiangbo began to enjoy cooking for himself but didn’t like washing dishes.
  • During the busy period of his doctoral program, Xiangbo found the time to travel to Japan, the Bali Island of Indonesia, Singapore and Maldives with his girlfriend.