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Dr. Steven Bloom

B.A., McDaniel College, 2010

Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 2015

Steve is a native of Harford County Maryland, one of the few places where farm fair is still considered a national pastime.   Staying close to home, Steve received his B.S degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry from McDaniel College, located in rural Western Maryland, before venturing into the Baltimore city aka the home of the wire… where he obtained his PhD from Johns Hopkins University under the direction of Prof. Thomas Lectka doing Fluorine chemistry.  Apart from chemistry, in what spare time Steve can muster, he enjoys the comforts of the outdoors. Steve is an active hiker, climber, kayaker, and general thrill enthusiast with a passion for life and having a good time.

Fun Facts
  • In addition to other sports, Steve is an active member of a parkour club located in Princeton, NJ.
  • Steve is a half decent golfer who has played on the county, national, and state levels.
  • Steve is a fan of every major Boston-based sports team….despite the fact that he’s from Baltimore.
  • Steve has taken more vacations and trips overseas then he has within the states.
  • Steve's favorite animal is the turtle…possibly due to his Maryland upbringing although still unconfirmed.