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Dr. Sebastian Keess

Dr. Sebastian Keess

M.Sc., RWTH Aachen, 2013

Ph.D., Technische Universität Berlin, 2017

Sebastian grew up in Haan, a small German village located between Cologne and Düsseldorf. He studied chemistry at the RWTH Aachen, and wrote his bachelor (Prof. Dieter Enders) and master (Prof. Magnus Rueping) thesis working on organocatalysis. During his master studies, he also spent three months at the University of York in England. Before he started his Ph.D. studies in the group of Prof. Martin Oestreich at the Technische Universität Berlin working on Lewis acid-catalyzed transfer processes, Sebastian did a five-month research internship at Bayer in Wuppertal. In June 2018, he eventually joined the MacMillan group as a postdoctoral research associate. Outside of lab, Sebastian enjoys listening to (live) music and doing sports.

Fun Facts
  • Sebastian played handball for eight years and his nickname was “talker”.
  • In Sebastian’s place of birth Wuppertal, once, an elephant called Tuffi took the suspension railway (“Schwebebahn”) and jumped from it.
  • Sebastian’s hometown Haan has approximately the same number of citizens as Princeton.
  • Sebastian’s stage name is Klaus Limburger.