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Dr. Motoshi Yamauchi

Dr. Motoshi Yamauchi

B.S., Kyoto University, 2005

M.S., Kyoto University, 2007

Ph.D., Kyoto University, 2010

Motoshi was born in Osaka and grew up in Nagoya, Japan. He studied chemistry at Kyoto University, from which he obtained his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph D. degrees under the supervision of Professor Masahiro Murakami. His doctoral research focused on nickel-catalyzed new annulation reactions via denitrogenation of 1,2,3-triazo compounds. Upon completing his PhD, he started work as a researcher in Daiichi-Sankyo’s process chemistry department, where he developed several efficient synthetic routes of API manufacturing processes. Since February 2018, he has had the chance to study abroad one year from the company and decided to join the MacMillan group at Princeton University as a Visiting Scholar. Outside of the lab, he enjoys drinking beers and wines, reading, traveling, and snowboarding.

Fun Facts
  • His lab coat is printed with the wrong name: “Motishi Tamauchi”.
  • He enjoys the differences between “Japanese” food in Princeton and the food in Japan.
  • He sent his snowboard gear before leaving Japan, but he couldn’t receive them by the lab’s ski trip. At this time, the gear just takes up a lot of room. He wants to go snowboarding one more time.