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Dr. David Kornfilt

B.A., Swarthmore College, 2009

Ph.D., University of Illinois, 2016

David is from the historical city of Istanbul, not Constantinople, and moved to the US at age 18, where he attended Swarthmore College in Philadelphia, graduating with a honors B. A. in biochemistry in 2009. David continued his “Discover America” tour by moving to the Cornland. He performed his Ph. D. work in the laboratory of Prof. Scott E. Denmark at the University of Illinois. The call of the Atlantic Ocean proved strong and David moved back to the East Coast to join Prof. David MacMillan’s group as a postdoctoral researcher. David’s interests are primarily methodology development for novel one-electron transformations, including but not limited to photoredox catalysis. When not juggling highly dangerous chemicals, David enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, video games and preparing ethnic dishes from as many cuisines as possible.

Fun Facts
  • David has lived his entire life in 4 different cities between 39oN and 40oN.
  • In college, David joined a circus as a juggler.
  • David thinks dying on Mars would be a great idea, preferably not on impact.