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Dr. Daniela Arias-Rotondo

Dr. Daniela Arias-Rotondo

B.Sc., Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2010

Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2018

Dani was born and (for the most part) raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She got her BS at the University of Buenos Aires, where she began working on Ru(II) chemistry in the lab of Prof. Luis Baraldo. Her love for coordination chemistry and Ru(II) photophysics motivated her decision to pursue her PhD at Michigan State University, under Prof. Jim McCusker’s guidance. There, she studied the reactivity of spin-coupled Fe(III) dimers using Ru(II) polypyridyls as donors for electron and energy transfer processes. At MSU, she also became interested in the photophysics of transition metal compounds in the context of photoredox catalysis, and so after graduating she moved to NJ and joined the MacMillan group. Dani is a bookworm, a slow runner and a cat lady.

Fun Facts
  • Dani hails from the Flores neighborhood in BA, which is also where Pope Francis is from.
  • She rick-rolled her husband during her wedding vows. This is one of her proudest moments ever.
  • To the best of Google’s knowledge, she’s the only person with her exact last name.
  • Her sock collection includes Marvel, Star Wars, Sailor Moon, and cats. Lots of cats.