Technology Purchases

All technology (Computers, tablets, Printers, etc.) purchases should be made through the Chemistry IT department.  This is to ensure we obtain the best price and adhere to the tax-exempt status of the University.  Also, this allows the Chemistry IT team to setup the equipment properly before it is used within the department.  Below is a brief overview of the benefits of purchasing through the Chemistry IT department.

  • Computer is imaged adhering to University security practices and policies.
  • Equipment is properly setup on the University network and entered into SNAP CMDB.
  • Updates are configured to keep the computer and software up to date and secure.
  • User data is properly migrated from previous machine if applicable.
  • University CrowdStrike Anti-Virus is installed.
  • University software is installed (Microsoft Office, Acrobat Pro, SRA, EndNote).
  • University CrashPlan backup is installed and configured.
  • Hard drive encryption is setup.
  • Other free software is installed for convenience (Firefox, Chrome, FileZilla, VLC, Skype).
  • Dropbox and/or Google Drive is installed so user may utilize unlimited cloud storage by logging in with their University NetID and password.
  • Computer can be fully supported by IT staff.  Computers purchased outside of this policy cannot be fully supported by our staff.

These practices also ensure that data on these devices is protected, secured and backed up in the event of a hardware failure or equipment is lost/stolen.

It is against University policy to purchase IT related equipment using University issued credit cards.  All IT related purchases must be done using the Prime portal.  Some exceptions may apply.  Please speak with Panina Zaurov regarding possible exceptions.