Scientific Workplace

Write in LaTeX without learning LaTeX.

Scientific WorkPlace Version 6 makes writing, sharing and typesetting mathematical and scientific text easier than you ever imagined. This is an easy-to-use word processor that integrates mathematics and text in the same environment. The embedded MuPAD 5® computer algebra engine in Scientific WorkPlace 6 allows the user to perform computations on the screen, and to print them out correctly formatted.

With Version 6 you have a choice of operating systems: Windows® or OS X®. With its entirely new Mozilla-based architecture, Version 6 provides more flexibility; you can save or export your documents in multiple formats according to your publication and portability needs.
Scientific WorkPlace 6 continues to be a front-end for the LaTeX typesetting program which is used to typeset complex technical documents. This means that you don’t have to learn the LaTeX syntax. Because of its superior precision and quality, LaTeX is the gold standard for publishers and authors of scientific papers and books.

Students may install for FREE on personal computers.