In its continuing effort to safeguard University accounts and information, the Board of Trustees has requested OIT to implement a university-wide dual authentication system.

How DUO works:
In addition to Username/Password a second form of authentication will be required. This can be from a cell phone, tablet, or passcode.
A passcode is generated by a device called a FOB that can be picked up at the OIT Store, 113 Frist, after you have been DUO activated by OIT. The FOB is free but to replace one that is lost is $50.

What method should you choose?
OIT recommends a smart phone or tablet with the DUO app (iPhone from the APP store and Android from Google play) but you should have two methods.
The FOB from the OIT Store works anywhere and you don’t need an internet connection.

Where do you need to use dual authentication?
Currently OWA Webmail, Blackboard, Secure Remote Access (SRA), University Surplus, Employee Learning Center, Time Collection, Financial Aid, CrashPlan Web Console and Client, the Library EZ Proxy service, remote login to DESC computers and public Linux computers. In the future Services requiring DUO are SharePoint, PeopleSoft, and Prime financials. It’s a work in progress.

The main OIT DUO document

Check out the section, “Which DUO Two Factor Authentication Method should I choose?” That section shows all the screens you’ll need.

The DUO Setup Quick Reference Guide: 
Another page (actually 2 pages) to check out and print is The DUO Setup Quick Reference Guide:


Have it in front of you when you begin. OWA web mail is a good place to start and to do the initial setup.

Quick simple set-up:

The first DUO setup screen says

“Welcome” and please click on a start button.
The second screen, shown below, is where we jump in and make at least one choice. Just remember, nothing is permanent: choices can be changed, devices added or removed, and the order can be modified.
All the other information screens you may need are shown in http://helpdesk.princeton.edu/kb/display.plx?ID=1208