Printing with Canon

Printing to Canon Printers (Windows):

Log into your computer and open Windows File Explorer.

Type \\PrintCanon in the address bar then press enter.

You will be presented with an authentication prompt.

Enter your Princeton network credentials as shown in the box below and check off “Remember my credentials” checkbox. If this box is not checked, the next time you try to print you will receive an “Access Denied” Error. In order to correct this you will need to remove the print queue from the Control Panel and re-add it using these same steps.

Once the authentication process is confirmed a list of available Canon copier print queues will appear in the print server window. Double click the CR numbered icon for the copier you would like to print to.

Once the connection is established with the print queue a prompt will appear to asking to install the driver.

Click the install driver button to install the drivers needed to communicate with the copier.**Note: Windows 10 will not show this prompt because the Canon drivers are built into the operating system.

Once the installation is complete the queue will appear in the Control Panel – Devices and Printers.

If this copier is your only way to print documents, then right-click on the device and set it as default. If the copier is the secondary device, then select it from any application when you want to print to it.



Printing to Canon Printers (Mac OS):

Install the Canon driver

1. Download a driver package for the for Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3330i from the Canon support website:

2. In the Drivers and Software section on Canon’s support website, select an operating system type and version

3. Select and download the newest PS (Postscript) driver package from the driver list

4.Double-click the downloaded .zip file to unzip it then double-click the .dmg disk image file to open it.

5. Run the Canon_PS_Installer.pkg installer from the disk image. Follow the installation prompts. Enter a macOS administrator name and password when prompted.

6. Close the installer when installation is complete.


Add a Canon printer

1. Edit the macOS Printers & Scanners settings. Go to System Preferences > Printers & Scanners

2. Click the plus (+) at lower left to add a printer

3. In the Add window, select the IP icon on the toolbar

4. Enter the following information:


1. Protocol: Line Printer Daemon – LPD

2. Queue: (the Postscript queue ending in _ Example: CR301_PS3)

3. Name: (a descriptive name such as the printer’s queue name)

4. Location: (the physical location of your printer or may be left blank)

5. Use: (see the next step for details)

6. Click the drop-down menu next to Use: and choose Select Software…

6. In the Printer Software window, search for a printer model by entering C3325/3330 PS in the Filter field

7. Select Canon iR-ADV C3325/3330 PS from the search results and click OK

8. In the Add window, click Add

9. (optional) In System Preferences > Printers & Scanners, click the drop-down menu next to Default printer: and select a default printer




Set the default print mode to Black and White

1.) Create a new, blank Word document

2.) Open the Word document’s print settings. Go to File > Print

3.) Click the drop-down menu next to Printer: and select the printer added earlier

4.) Click the drop-down menu next to Presets: and select Last Used Settings

5.) Click the drop-down menu shown in Figure 1 and select Quality

6.) Click the Color Mode: drop-down menu and select Black and White

7.)Click Print to save the settings. Note: the current Word document will print when the settings have been saved.


Create presets for Black and White and Color printing (optional)

If you frequently switch between Black and White and Color printing, using presets can make switching between print modes more convenient.

1.) Set the print mode to Black and White by following the steps in Set the print mode to Black and White

2.) Click the drop-down menu next to Presets: and select Save Current Settings as Preset

3.) Enter a name for the preset, such as Black and White

4.) Make the preset available for Only this printer

5.) Click OK

6.) Save a Color preset by repeating steps 1 through 5 substituting Color for Black and White where appropriate



Enable the stapler

1.) Edit the macOS Printers & Scanners settings. Go to System Preferences > Printers & Scanners

2.) Select a printer from the left pane

3.) lick Options & Supplies in the right pane

4.) Select the Options tab

5.) Click the drop-down menu next to Output Options: and select Staple Finisher U1

6.) Note:
If the department where your copier resides makes use of department codes, all Mac users will need to enable the Department ID Management functionality in order to receive a pop up where one can enter the department code when attempting to print. You may do that now, while you are in the Options tab by clicking the checkbox for Department ID Management. This should be left unchecked if your department does not use department codes. (see also section below, Enable and Save Department ID Management for full instructions, if you wish to do this later)

7.) Click OK

8.) Close System Preferences

9.) After enabling the stapler, new stapling options will appear in the Finishing preferences pane

Enable and Save Department ID Management

1. Edit the macOS Printers & Scanners settings. Go to System Preferences > Printers & Scanners
2. Select the printer from the left pane
3. Click Options & Supplies in the right pane
4. Select the Options tab
5. Check the box for Department ID Management
6. Select the Utility tab
7. Click the Open Printer Utility button
8. On the Department ID management tab, check the box for Use Department ID Management.
9. Enter a department number in the Department ID field.
10. Check the box next to Confirm Department ID/PIN When Printing
11. Click Save Settings. Click OK, if prompted.
12. Quit the Canon CUPS PS Printer Utility
13. Click OK to close the Printers & Scanners options sheet
14. Quit System Preferences

Duplex printing

Double sided print settings are found in the Finishing preferences pane. The Two-Sided print settings in the Layout preferences pane cannot be changed and should be ignored.