Department Contacts/Information

Department Office Support Regina Perry, Room A25
rp18@Princeton.EDU, or 8-4079
Department Manager Janet G. Gruschow, Room A24
gruschow@Princeton.EDU, or 8-3936
Business Manager Panina Zaurov, Room A23
pzaurov@Princeton.EDU, or 8-2436
Financial Administrator Wendy D. Arterburn, Room A24A
warterbu@Princeton.EDU, or 8-7663
Grants Manager Michael J. Checkovage, Room A24B, or 8-4515
Undergraduate Administrator Kirsten M. Arentzen, Room A22
kirsten@Princeton.EDU, or 8-5015
Graduate Administrator Meredith A. LaSalle-Tarantin, Room A21, or 8-4116
Administrative Services Manager Kim Dugo, Room 357
kdugo@Princeton.EDU, or 8-7338
Facilities and Safety Manager Alice Monachello, Room 189, or 8-7048
Senior IT Manager Doug Rosso, Room A54, or 8-3912
Storeroom Coordinator


Phil Fairall, Room B01C, or 8-3913
Purchasing Coordinator


Vicky Lloyd, Room A52 or 8-4447
Facilities Coordinator


Kevin Wilkes, Room 329, 8-3920
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