Secure Remote Access (SRA) is used to access Princeton-specific resources from off-campus. It creates an encrypted connection between your computer and the University servers.

After authenticating, your remote computer functions as if it were on campus and is even given a Princeton IP address. SRA requires Duo Two-Factor authentication

When do you need to use SRA? For remote access to the university financial and reporting systems, University Library, Princeton Web Mail, Hotel wireless, and especially anywhere there is public internet access like airports or at an internet café like Starbucks.


Windows 10 has 2 SRA clients: Dell Connect Tunnel client and the SonicWALL Mobile Connect app (from the Microsoft App Store) See:,612a27064f9ca20018ddd48e5210c72a

Windows 8.1 Use the built-in client or install Dell Connect Tunnel (see Windows 7)

Windows 7   Use Dell Connect Tunnel:   32-bit Operating System    64-bit Operating System

Mac OSX has 2 SRA clients: (For installation details see )

Dell Secure Mobile Access for OS X 10.9 and later use Connect Tunnel Installer

SonicWALL Download and install from the App Store

OS X 10.9      Use SonicWall Mobile Connect from the app store