Adobe Acrobat Pro

Acrobat Pro for University owned computers:

Adobe Acrobat can be installed on any University owned computer.  Please contact Chemistry IT if you need Acrobat Pro installed on your University owned computer.

Acrobat Pro for personal computers:

Any active Faculty, Staff, or Emeritus Faculty are eligible to use Acrobat DC Pro on a personal machine. Our Adobe Enterprise DC Pro license covers these employee classifications to use the product on up to 2 devices.
These devices can be a personally owned device as long as the installer is the “Named user” version. We call this access “WAH” or “work at home”.
*You will need to contact Chemistry IT to obtain a Work from Home Acrobat license.
Users can download Acrobat DC from
Upon installation they must activate the software with their email address (their actual NetID email address, not a vanity one) and then must authenticate with Princeton CAS.  The software cannot be used unless activated.
A user can only activate up to two machines. If a user attempts to activate a 3rd device, they will be asked to deactivate one of the others.  Additionally, the licenses does NOT allow the user to use Acrobat DC on both machines simultaneously.
Upon separation or retirement from the university the rights to use Acrobat DC will be automatically revoked and the software will become unusable.
Casual Hourlies, DCU’s and Grad Students are not eligible for our Acrobat DC Pro Enterprise work from home license.