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Stephen, Alyssa, John, and Sam’s Generals Celebration

Laura, Erin, and Julia at the Stereochemistry GRC 2018

Doyle Lab at Terhune Orchards 2018

Erin’s Graduation!

Jesus Martinez Alvarado’s General Exam Celebration!

Junyi Liu’s General Exam Celebration! 

Doyle Lab Group Holiday Party 2017

Kayaking the Pine Barrens 2017

Pool Party at Tom’s House 2017

Patrick’s Farewell Lunch

Blake and Laura at Princeton Commencement 2017

Derek’s FPO: a Finished Thesis!

Derek and his Committee after a successful FPO

Celebration of Derek’s FPO: Champagne and Cake!

Derek’s Hooding Ceremony 2017 with Abby!

Derek After Commencement 2017: A Proud PhD

Derek’s Current Status

Erin’s Wedding

Kayaking the Pine Barrens 2014

Visit to Preschool 2017