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Postdoctoral Fellows

Christoph Heinz (Postdoctoral fellow, 2016-2018): Bayer, Senior Scientist II

Brian Woods (Postdoctoral fellow, 2015-2017): Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Saint Louis University

Candice Joe (Postdoctoral fellow, 2014–2016): Bristol-Myers Squibb, Research Investigator II

Kimberly Choquette (Postdoctoral fellow, 2013–2015): Drew University, Visiting Assistant Professor

Marie-Gabrielle Braun (Postdoctoral fellow, 2012–2013): Genentech, Medicinal Chemist

Stephen Chau (Postdoctoral fellow, 2011–2013): AbbVie, Senior Research Chemist

Kevin Sylvester (Postdoctoral fellow, 2010–2012): PPG Industries, Research Chemist

Sangeeta Dey (Postdoctoral fellow, 2009): Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Assistant Professor

Graduate Students

Matthew Nielsen (Graduate student, 2013-2018): Research Scientist at Solvay Specialty Polymers

Patrick Lutz (Graduate student, 2012-2017): University of Michigan, Postdoctoral Researcher, McNeil Lab

Derek Ahneman (Graduate student, 2012-2017): IBM, Advanced Analytics Data Scientist

Kevin Wu (Graduate student, 2011–2017): Scripps Research Institute, Postdoctoral Researcher, Yu Lab

Erin Gray (Graduate student, 2011–2016): Washington and Lee University, Assistant Professor

Nick MacArthur (Graduate student, 2016): Clark University, Organic Chemistry Instructor

Kevin Arendt (Graduate student, 2011–2016): GlaxoSmithKline, Investigator, Discovery Platform Chemistry

Jason Shields (Graduate student, 2010–2015): AstraZeneca

Dennis Chung-Yang Huang (Graduate student, 2010–2015): Humboldt Universitat, Postdoctoral Researcher, Hecht Lab

Thomas Graham (Graduate student, 2009–2014): Merck, Senior Scientist, Translational Biomarkers Group

Frederick Lambert  (Graduate student, 2012–2014): Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Matthew Katcher (Graduate student, 2008–2013): AbbVie, Senior Scientist, Discovery Chemistry and Technology

Julia Kalow (Graduate student, 2008–2013): Northwestern University, Assistant Professor

Daniel Nielsen (Graduate student, 2008–2013): Phillips 66, Associate Scientist

Travis Shaw (Graduate student, 2010–2011): Bocarsly/Schwartz Lab, Princeton University

Allen Sha (Graduate student, 2009–2011): L’Oréal, Chemist

Roger Swartz (Graduate student, 2008-2009)

Undergraduate Students

Amanuella Mengiste (Undergraduate student, 2016-2018): Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jake Essman (Undergraduate student, 2015-2018): Harvard University

Blake Feldman (Undergraduate student, 2016-2017): Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Sonya Karchemskiy (Undergraduate student, 2013–2015)

Victoria Chung (Undergraduate student, 2012–2014)

Matthew Landry (Undergraduate student, 2011–2013): Genentech (PhD at Stanford University, Burns Lab)

Dana Schmitt (Undergraduate student, 2011–2012)

Henry Moss (Undergraduate student, 2011–2012)

Jae Kim (Undergraduate student, 2010)

Visiting Students

Andrea Stegner (Visiting Masters Student from LMU Munich, 2018)

Erin Stache (Visiting Graduate Student, 2015-2018): Cornell University, Postdoctoral Researcher, Fors Lab

Orestes Riera (Undergraduate student, Summer 2017)

Nacho Vergara Panzone (Undergraduate student from UIUC, Summer 2017)

Ricky Williams (High school student, 2017)