Eric’s Generals

Eric passed his general examination! Terrific work Eric!

Formylation of Aryl Chlorides via Photocatalytic Generation of Chlorine radicals

Ben, Matt, and Junyi’s work was published in ACIE in collaboration with Celgene. Extraordinary!

Kevin Wu, Ph.D.

Kevin successfully defended his thesis! He will be conducting postdoctoral research at Scrips in the lab of Jin-Quan Yu. Best of luck Kevin!  We will miss you in the lab.

Enantioselective Cross-Coupling of Styrenyl Aziridines

Brian and Dennis published their work in collaboration with the Sigman lab on nickel-catalyzed stereoconvergent cross coupling of aziridines.  Sensational!

A Fesival of Radical Transformations

Ben’s paper was highlighted in an ACS select virtual issue!  Hooray!

Dean of Research Innovation Fund

Abby and Ben received the Dean of Research Innovation Funds for new ideas in natural sciences.  Congrats Abby and Ben!

Nickel-photoredox catalyzed enantioselective desymmetrization of meso cyclic anhydrides

Erin’s paper outlining a novel take on enantioselective nickel-photoredox catalysis was accepted to ACIE. Smashing!

#Bulky: Parameterization of phosphine ligands demonstrates enhancement of nickel catalysis via remote steric effects

Kevin’s paper about novel phosphine ligands for nickel catalysis was accepted to Nature Chemistry. Excellent!

BMS Fellowship for Matt

Congratulations to Matt for receiving a BMS fellowship. Awesome!

Mia’s Generals

Mia passed her general examination. Tremendous!