Stavros’ Generals

Congratulations to Stavros on passing his general examination! Fantastic work!

Laura and Kyle’s Wedding

On December 30th, 2018, Laura Ackerman and Kyle Biegasiewicz (postdoc in the Hyster Lab) were married on the beautiful North Shore of O’ahu, Hawaii! Many people from both labs were in attendance for the special occasion. Congratulations Laura and Kyle!

NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship for Talia!

Congratulations to our awesome Postdoc Talia Steiman on being awarded an NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship! Marvelous!

Former Group Member News: Congratulations Dr. Erin Gray!

Congratulations to Dr. Erin Gray (Doyle Group, Ph.D. 2016) on accepting a position at Washington and Lee University as an Assistant Professor! Wonderful news!

Generation of Phosphoranyl Radicals via Photoredox Catalysis Enables Voltage-Independent Activation of Strong C-O Bonds

Erin and Alyssa’s paper on the deoxygenation of alcohols and carboxylic acids via phosphoranyl radical intermediates was just accepted by ACS Catalysis. Totally rad!

Direct C-C Bond Formation from Alkanes Using Ni-Photoredox Catalysis

Laura and Jesus’ paper on unactivated C(sp3)-H bond functionalization was just accepted, and will be published in JACS. Outstanding!

Erin Stache, PhD

Erin successfully defended her thesis! She will be joining the lab of Professor Brett Fors at Cornell University this summer as a postdoctoral fellow. Congratulations Erin on a well-deserved degree, and we wish you the best of luck at Cornell!

Jesus’ General Exam

Congratulations to Jesus on passing his general examination! Outstanding work Jesus!

Junyi’s General Exam

Congratulations to Junyi on passing her general examination! Amazing work Junyi!

Deoxyfluorination with Sulfonyl Fluorides: Navigating Reaction Space with Machine Learning

Matt, Derek, and Orestes’ paper on using machine learning to predict deoxyfluorinaion reaction performance was recently published in JACS. Out of this world!