02/28/2019: Linda’s last day in the Chirik Group after an incredible six-month stay. An amazing chemist. An amazing person. You will be missed!

02/08/2019: Sangmin delights the audience at his third-year seminar. Nice work!

January 2019: Peter (left), Tyler (middle) and Boran (right) pass their general exams! What a great kick off to 2019.

08/09/2018: Gisselle Pombar (left) and Rachel Macaulay (right) present posters at the Frick Chemistry Laboratory Annual Pancakes & Posters Summer Undergraduate Research Poster Session. Thank you for all of your hard work this Summer!

06/11/2018: Undergraduates Rachel Macaulay (left, Princeton University) and Gisselle Pombar (right, University of Central Florida) have rejoined our lab for the summer. Welcome back!

04/20/2018: Chirik Group, past and present, head to New York to see the boss and others present at the “Modern Tactics in Organic Synthesis” Mini-Symposium. Thank you so much Tianning and NYU Chemistry for the invitation and being great hosts.

08/21/2017: Paul is awarded the 2017 ACS Catalysis Lectureship! Congratulations! Check out the award video here.

02/21/2017: Alex Miller visits for a seminar! Thanks for hosting, Aaron!

11/23/2016: Máté’s Science paper featured in an article on Princeton Chemistry Department’s website! Nice!

11/10/2016: Celebration dinner for Máté’s Science paper! Congrats Máté!

11/08/2016: Brandi Cossairt visits for a seminar! Thanks for hosting, Nadia!

09/2016: Jamie represents the group by giving a talk at the department retreat!

05/06/2016: Graduation week: Congrats to Dr. Friedfeld!

05/05/2016: Graduation week: Congrats to Dr. Pappas!

01/13/2016: Featured on the Princeton chemistry department website! Congrats Pony!

12/05/2015: The annual group holiday party! A cake for Brian and Pony and Brian’s chemistry family tree. Congratulations guys!

05/29/2015: Congratulations Iraklis Pappas on winning Princeton University Chemistry Department’s Hubert Alyea ’24 Teaching Award and The Elmer John Badin ’45 Chemistry Award!

04/21/2015: Warren Piers visits for a seminar!

03/01-03/06/2015: Chirik group members past and present at Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms GRC.

12/12/2014: Department Holiday Party! Happy Frickmas!



11/13/2014: Max, Jenny, and Grant attend Celebrate Princeton Inventions!

11/03/2014: Jamie Neely joins the group. Welcome Jamie!

10/06/2014: Joel Rosenthal visits for a seminar!

8/06/2014: New group members! Welcome to Chris Schuster, Nadia Leonard, Máté Bezdek, Jessica Frick, and visiting scholar Xuelu “Sherry” Ma!

7/22/2014: Paul is appointed as the new editor-in-chief of Organometallics (effective Jan. 1, 2015)

7/15/2014:More Reunions! Chris Bradley and Tammy Hanna

7/13/2014:Chirik Reunions! Meeting up with Zoe Turner and JC Buffet (left) and with Koji Yamamoto (right) in Sapporo. Congrats to Koji on the new assistant professor position!

7/07/2014: The Chirik Group joins twitter! Follow us: @ChirikGroup