Protein Structural Dynamics

What are the structural dynamics involved in protein allostery and catalysis? How do flexible enzymes perform challenging chemistry? Can we animate crystal structures of proteins? These are outstanding questions in biology, which motivate studies of proteins in motion.

Capturing molecular movies of proteins in action is the next frontier of structural enzymology. Towards this goal, our group will develop advanced X-ray based methods, such as time-resolved X-ray scattering, in order to examine the role of structural dynamics in enzyme function at multiple length- and timescales. Enzymes that utilize metal-containing cofactors (i.e. metalloenzymes) are of particular interest to our research, both for the fascinating reactions that they are able to catalyze and for their physical properties.

Life in the lab

Fascinating enzymes, making things, programming things, traveling, and giant machines … Do any of these keywords interest you? If so, you might want to join our group! We are a tight-knit group that values interdisciplinary science, non-conventional ideas, and learning new things. We benefit from proximity to our friends in the Barstow group who are expert synthetic microbiologists working on problems in bioenergy. We also enjoy being located on the third floor, where we are direct neighbors with a number of groups, including our friends in the Seyedsayamdost, Carey, and Bocarsly labs. In addition, we get to hear great science every month as part of the Chemical Biology Supergroup.