Nozomi Ando, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Chemistry (CV)
Ph.D. in Physics, Cornell University
B.S. in Physics, MIT
Room: Frick 385
Phone: 609-258-6513
Email: nozomi.ando -at-
Nozomi received her training in the labs of Sol Gruner and Cathy Drennan, where she developed a love of synchrotrons and enzymes (metalloenzymes in particular). She enjoys the spaceship-like feel of synchrotrons. Apart from science, she enjoys classical singing. She looks forward to working with students and postdocs from diverse backgrounds.
Maura Matvey
Faculty Assistant
B.S. in Psychology and Spanish, Allegheny College
Room: Frick 121
Phone: 609-258-3651
Email: mmatvey -at-
David Case, Ph.D.
Visiting Professor & Collaborator
Rutgers University
Ph.D. in Chemical Physics, Harvard University
B.S. in Chemistry, Michigan State University
Room: Frick 355
Phone: 609-258-xxxx
Email: dcase -at-

Dave is a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rutgers. He is the lead developer for the AMBER suite for biomolecular simulations. His work on the 3D_RISM method of describing water and ions around biomolecules does a better job of predicting SAXS/WAXS than any currently popular solvation shell model.

John Bacik, Ph.D.
Associate Research Scholar
Ph.D. in Macromolecular Crystallography, University of Alberta
B.Sc. in Biology, University of Winnipeg
Room: Frick 307
Phone: 609-258-9597
Email: jbacik -at-
John has extensive doctoral and postdoctoral experience in X-ray and neutron crystallography and molecular biology. He received his training in the labs of Bart Haze (U Alberta), Sirano Dhe-Paganon (U Toronto), Brian Mark (U Manitoba), and Ryszard Michalczyk (Los Alamos). He has been called an enzyme detective.
Steve Meisburger, Ph.D.
NIH NRSA Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D. in Applied Physics, Cornell University
B.A. in Physics, Carleton College
Room: Frick 307
Phone: 609-258-9597
Email: steve.meisburger -at-
Steve received his graduate training in Lois Pollack’s lab where he studied ion interactions with RNA/DNA using advanced X-ray scattering methods, such as time-resolved, cryo-, and anomalous SAXS. He has been on at least 24 trips to CHESS and APS, logging a total of 150+ days at the synchrotron! In addition to being adept at machining beamline parts in the middle of the night, he has successfully used a conveniently sized coffee cup as a beamline component.
Saad Imran
Grad Student in Chemistry
B.S. in Chemistry, LUMS, Pakistan
Room: Frick 307
Email: smimran -at-
In addition to being a chemist, Saad was a physics minor at LUMS, where he received excellent training in things like programming — most importantly, he knows how to write games in Matlab. Recently, the whole lab went to Iftar with him.
Susannah Shoemaker
Grad Student in Applied Math
B.A. in Mathematics and Russian, Pomona College
Room: Frick 307
Email: scs5 -at-
Susannah is interested in applying her skills in math and programming to develop new signal processing algorithms for structural biology. Outside of lab, she is an avid chef and rock climber.
Will Thomas
Grad Student in Chemistry
B.A. in Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Biology, Oberlin College
Room: Frick 307
Email: wcthomas -at-
Will has a radical theme going on. He studied radical chemistry in the atmosphere at Oberlin. Now he spends his time thinking about radical enzymes. Outside of lab, Will spends his time doing art, writing or music.
Max Watkins
Grad Student in Chemistry
B.S. in Biochemistry, Lehigh University
Room: Frick 307
Email: mbw3 -at-
At Lehigh, Max worked on membrane proteins involved in cell signaling. Now he spends his time thinking about Matlab, music, and scattering of flexible enzymes. This combination totally makes sense. Max is probably the biggest music nerd in the lab.
Audrey Burnim
Grad Student in Chemistry
B.A. in Chemistry, Bryn Mawr College
Room: Frick 307
Email: aburnim -at-
As an undergrad, Audrey studied the relationship between structure and function in transition metal doped nanoparticles and metal complexes. Now she hopes to study this relationship in metalloenzymes. Welcome to the lab!
Gabrielle Illava
Grad Student in Chemistry
B.S. in Molecular Biology, Cornell University
Room: Frick 307
Email: gillava -at-
At CHESS, Gabrielle became a seasoned X-ray scientist. She has experience with time-resolved and high-pressure SAXS. Here, she hopes to apply her interests in X-ray method development to study metalloenzymes. Welcome to the lab!
F. Phil Brooks
Room: Frick 307
Email: fbrooks -at-
Phil is a rising senior interested in chemistry, biology, and computer science. He is an athlete and also plays trumpet.
Panda Pando
Visiting Panda
Room: Frick 386
Email: panda -at-
Panda is a visiting scholar from Garnet Chan’s lab.